Teco KG5002, 500 HP, 3600 RPM, TEFC, 5808A Frame, 2300/4000 Volt, 3 PH, Global-Plus Medium Voltage, AC Electric…




500 HP, 3600 RPM, 2300/4000 Volts @ 60 Hz, 5808A Frame, 95.4 % Full Load Efficiency, 91 % Full Load Power Factor, 108 A Full Load Amperage, Motor is unidirectional, with counter clockwise rotation, facing the drive end, Meets NEMA Design B Torque , Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (IP55) , NEMA Premium Efficiency Design (Through 500 2, 4, 6 pole) , Factory New with Manufacturer’s Warranty , Standard with 120V Space Heaters Terminated in Separate Auxiliary Box , Standard with 100 Ohm Platinum Stator RTDs, 2 per Phase, Terminated in Separate Auxiliary Box , Provisions for Bearing RTDs , 1.15 Service Factor – Continuous , Class F with VPI Treatment of Solventless Epoxy Varnish Insulation , Class B Temperature Rise , NEMA Design B Torques as a Minimum, Design C Motors are Denoted with a Subscript “C” , Oversized Fabricated Steel Main Conduit Box Rotatable in 90 Degree Increments – Fully Gasketed with NPT Threaded Entrances – F1 Mounted. , AEHGTK: Class I, Div. 2, Groups A,B,C,D – T3; with Auxiliary Plate , AFHGTK: Class I, Div. 2, Groups A,B,C,D – T3; Class II, Div. 2, Group F & G, Temp Code T3 with Auxiliary Plate , Main Conduit Box: Frames 447T – 449T is CAST IRON; Frames 5007C – 6808C is Fabricated Steel , Bi-Directional Rotation Except for 2 Pole Motors, 5000 frames and Larger Which are Uni-Directional, CCW Facing the Drive End. Call for quote if CW Rotation is Required , Rolled Steel Fan Cover on 5000 Frames and Larger; Cast Iron on 440 Frames , Locknut and Washer for Vertical Mount – Shaft Down Orientation on 5000 Frame and Larger; Cast Iron on 440 Frames , Drain Holes and Plugs on Both End Brackets for Vertical Orientation Mount , Cast Iron Frame, End Brackets, and Rolled Steel Fan Cover , 1045 Carbon Steel Shaft , Copper/ Copper Alloy Rotor Construction for Frames 5000 – 6800. Aluminum Die-Cast Rotor Construction for All Others , Paint System: Phenolic Rust Proof Base Plus Polyurethane Top Coat , Paint Color: Dark Gray – Munsell 7.5BG 4/2 , Vacuum De-Gas

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