Lamb Ametek 122167-00 1-stage 4.3″ vacuum motor 120 volt.




New Lamb Ametek 122167-00 motor is 1-stage 4.3 inch 120 volt. THIS MOTOR HAS A THERMAL PROTECTION SYSTEM BUILT IN! It is suggested you replace the motor gasket part #MO512 . Protect your motors from dust and dirt by using a motor filter. This prolongs the life of your motor and is a must for all motors. See our part #MO553 . Motor Specs Motor Type: Thru Flow Discharge: Peripheral Bearings: Double Ball Bearing Sealed Vacuum: 113.2 inches Maximum Air Watts: 538 Maximum Air Flow: 116.8 CFM Maximum Amp’s: 12.1 Motor Speed: 44 794 RPM

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